Family Support

Family Support: Allocation of Funds

The Family Support Council will determine allocation of funds to eligible families based on need. The types of "last resort" funding requests considered by the Council include:

  1. Respite Care: Includes care provided as a break to the family in either the family's home or the respite worker's other home. Funds may be used to pay for direct care wages as well as other program costs, such a recruitment and training of workers. Each recipient requisition for respite will be accompanied with a letter informing them of the amount and eligibility for additional monies.
  2. Personal Care: Includes assistance with eating, bathing, dressing and other activities of daily living provided in the home or community on a regular basis.
  3. Child Care: Includes after school program, child day care costs and child care for siblings so that parents can spend time alone with their handicapped child.
  4. Architectural and Vehicle Modifications: Includes ramps, lifts, door widening, bathroom modification and other needed modifications. The Council, at its discretion, may request two (2) contractor's bid for architectural and vehicular modifications.
  5. Equipment and Supplies: Includes individualized adaptations such as special chairs and beds, communication devices and computers. May also include specialized household equipment such as intercoms and air purifiers. Two estimates must be included for computer purchases.
  6. Specialized Nutrition and Clothing: Includes specially prepared food and specially made clothing and shoes.
  7. Homemaker Services: Includes home chores, cooking and cleaning.
  8. Transportation: Includes gas, food and lodging costs associated with special trips related to the person with a disability.
  9. Utility Costs: Includes exceptional utility costs such as long-distance phone calls to doctors and supplemental heating and air-conditioning costs.
  10. Integrated Community Activities: Includes activities that facilitate social integration with peers, such as Boy and Girl Scouts and other community recreation programs.
  11. Training and Technical Assistance: Includes classes and individualized consultations for parents and other family members.

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