Family Support

Family Support: How it Works

Families apply for services through the regional Family Support Program. The application process includes an assessment to identify needs. The applications are then submitted and reviewed by the regional Family Support Council and a recommendation is made to the Family Support Coordinator, including funding decisions. Family support funds are not a guaranteed source of funding.

Who Is Eligible?
Families who have a child with a developmental disability who is living at home are eligible for the program. Although family income is not a basis for eligibility, cost sharing may be required.

How Do You Apply For Family Support?
For more information and an application, please contact your regional Family Support Program.

Eligibility for the Birth-to-Three Program does not automatically assure eligibility for Family Support Funds. Family Support can assist with transitional living, at home, or transitions into community placement.

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Allocation of Family Support Funds
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What is a Developmental Disability?
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