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Residential Services: Our Mission

The mission of Southern Highlands 24 Hour Residential Program is to provide the emotional, physical, and training supports necessary for individuals with a developmental disability and/or severe and persistent mental illness to be as satisfied and successful as possible in his or her living environment. We seek to insure that the disabled person possesses the emotional and adaptive skills necessary to be active members of the community.

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What's Going On?

Automated Appointment Reminders

Southern Highlands is excited to announce that effective Friday June 23,2017 we will be utilizing an automated call/ text service to remind consumers of your upcoming appointments. You will receive a call or text three days prior to your appointment and another reminder one day before your scheduled appointment. The service will provide prompts if you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. The first time receiving a text message you will be prompted to opt in authorizing text reminders. Please make sure the front desk or your case manager has your correct phone number.