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Residential Services: Our Philosophy

It is our belief that each resident is possessed of strengths and personal worth, and that the quality of their lives can be improved and individual optimum levels of functioning attained. We believe we can support them in achieving this by providing people with a residential setting in which they are presented with both the opportunity and the expectation to learn by doing, as well as develop or revitalize skills that will enable them to cope with the tasks encountered in day-to-day life.

We feel that we can elicit the best from each resident and minimize behavior problems by regarding them as capable, responsible adults and by establishing an environment that is optimistic, supportive, encouraging and wellness focused.

We believe each resident has the right to understand his illness/disability and have access to the skill acquisition and knowledge necessary to actively work with us in an effort to minimize the degree to which his/her illness/disability negatively impacts their life.

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